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Starter Items

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Passive Items

Tier 1

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Tier 3

icon of Midgardian Mail

Midgardian Mail

icon of Emperor's Armor

Emperor's Armor

icon of The Executioner

The Executioner

icon of Qin's Sais

Qin's Sais

icon of Mystical Mail

Mystical Mail

icon of Sovereignty


icon of Jotunn's Wrath

Jotunn's Wrath

icon of Titan's Bane

Titan's Bane

icon of The Crusher

The Crusher

icon of Brawler's Beat Stick

Brawler's Beat Stick

icon of Hydra's Lament

Hydra's Lament

icon of Heartseeker


icon of Dominance


icon of Deathbringer


icon of Bladed Boomerang

Bladed Boomerang

icon of Demon Blade

Demon Blade

icon of Relic Dagger

Relic Dagger

icon of Toxic Blade

Toxic Blade

icon of Lotus Sickle

Lotus Sickle

icon of Winged Blade

Winged Blade

icon of Caduceus Club

Caduceus Club

icon of Runeforged Hammer

Runeforged Hammer

icon of Dawnbringer


icon of Frostbound Hammer

Frostbound Hammer

icon of Berserker's Shield

Berserker's Shield

icon of Gladiator's Shield

Gladiator's Shield

icon of Phalanx


icon of Rage


icon of Breastplate of Valor

Breastplate of Valor

icon of Spectral Armor

Spectral Armor

icon of Contagion


icon of Breastplate of Regrowth

Breastplate of Regrowth

icon of Magi's Cloak

Magi's Cloak

icon of Spirit Robe

Spirit Robe

icon of Prophetic Cloak

Prophetic Cloak

icon of Mantle of Discord

Mantle of Discord

icon of Heartward Amulet

Heartward Amulet

icon of Talisman of Energy

Talisman of Energy

icon of Absolution


icon of Pestilence


icon of Demonic Grip

Demonic Grip

icon of Hastened Ring

Hastened Ring

icon of Cyclopean Ring

Cyclopean Ring

icon of Obsidian Shard

Obsidian Shard

icon of Spear of Desolation

Spear of Desolation

icon of Divine Ruin

Divine Ruin

icon of Gem of Isolation

Gem of Isolation

icon of Ethereal Staff

Ethereal Staff

icon of Rod of Asclepius

Rod of Asclepius

icon of Tablet of Destinies

Tablet of Destinies

icon of Soul Reaver

Soul Reaver

icon of Rod of Tahuti

Rod of Tahuti

icon of Doom Orb

Doom Orb

icon of Chronos' Pendant

Chronos' Pendant

icon of Charon's Coin

Charon's Coin

icon of Odysseus' Bow

Odysseus' Bow

icon of Atalanta's Bow

Atalanta's Bow

icon of Silverbranch Bow

Silverbranch Bow

icon of Stone of Gaia

Stone of Gaia

icon of Mail of Renewal

Mail of Renewal

icon of Cannoneer's Cuirass

Cannoneer's Cuirass

icon of Gauntlet of Thebes

Gauntlet of Thebes

icon of Hastened Katana

Hastened Katana

icon of Shadowdrinker


icon of Genji's Guard

Genji's Guard

icon of Golden Blade

Golden Blade

icon of Oni Hunter's Garb

Oni Hunter's Garb

icon of Shogun's Kusari

Shogun's Kusari

icon of Archdruid's Fury

Archdruid's Fury

icon of Abyssal Stone

Abyssal Stone

icon of Stone of Binding

Stone of Binding

icon of Fail-not


icon of Pridwen


icon of Arondight


icon of Staff of Myrddin

Staff of Myrddin

icon of Thickbark Acorn

Thickbark Acorn

icon of Thistlethorn Acorn

Thistlethorn Acorn

icon of Evergreen Acorn

Evergreen Acorn

icon of Bristlebush Acorn

Bristlebush Acorn

icon of Fae-Blessed Hoops

Fae-Blessed Hoops

icon of Sphinx's Baubles

Sphinx's Baubles

icon of Griffonwing Earrings

Griffonwing Earrings

icon of Manticore's Spikes

Manticore's Spikes

icon of Erosion


icon of Last Gasp

Last Gasp

icon of Rejuvenating Heart

Rejuvenating Heart

icon of Sekhmet's Scepter

Sekhmet's Scepter

icon of Rod of Asclepius

Rod of Asclepius

icon of Caduceus Club

Caduceus Club

icon of Vital Amplifier

Vital Amplifier

icon of Durable Drumstick

Durable Drumstick

icon of Golden Gooseberries

Golden Gooseberries

icon of Bountiful Bao

Bountiful Bao

icon of Sturdy Stew

Sturdy Stew

icon of Party Punch

Party Punch

icon of Asi


icon of Transcendence


icon of Blackthorn Hammer

Blackthorn Hammer

icon of Void Shield

Void Shield

icon of Telkhines Ring

Telkhines Ring

icon of Spear of the Magus

Spear of the Magus

icon of Warlock's Staff

Warlock's Staff

icon of Book of Thoth

Book of Thoth

icon of Polynomicon


icon of Serrated Edge

Serrated Edge

icon of Void Doumaru

Void Doumaru

icon of Rejuvenating Heart

Rejuvenating Heart

icon of Bloodforge


icon of Devourer's Gauntlet

Devourer's Gauntlet

icon of Crimson Claws

Crimson Claws

icon of Soul Eater

Soul Eater

icon of Bancroft's Talon

Bancroft's Talon

icon of Soul Gem

Soul Gem

icon of Pythagorem's Piece

Pythagorem's Piece

icon of Typhon's Fang

Typhon's Fang

icon of Duality


icon of Curseweaver


icon of Stormseeker


icon of Equinox